Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Promises We Keep

Some of you may have been reading my other blog "Classically at Home" ( for awhile, but I found that I needed to add a new blog for an entirely different reason.

While Classically at Home gives me a place to share my thoughts on homeschooling and homemaking, there's a promise I made to myself more than 35 years ago. That promise was that I would live my life as a writer. Yes, I write all the time, and my other blog lets me write about my life, but this blog is to serve another purpose.

Love's Promise Kept will be my blog about writing, and reading, and sharing my adventures as I keep this promise I made to myself. And as I review books and share about the books I'm writing, you'll see that keeping promises is a huge part of what I live for. After all, isn't the greatest promise of all the one God makes to us in His Word?

So be sure to visit Classically at Home for my thoughts on the part of my life that takes up most of my time, but tune in here to share what takes up most of my inner life.

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