Thursday, October 6, 2011


 TBR? That’s short for “to be read”. As in books. As in a lot of books.
My TBR pile is actually a shelf….

… and a list on my Kindle.

Right around 55 books on my Kindle. 

Part of me rejoices.
Books I can’t wait to read.
Books I know I’ll love, others I hope I’ll love.
Books that will take me to new places and new times –

But a niggling question tickles the back of my mind…
Why this need to collect books?
Because, you know, my TBR shelf is only one of many shelves of books in our house.

Not counting the dozen boxes in the garage waiting for more shelves so they can be unpacked.

And the dozens of books I’ve sold at garage sales and curriculum sales and now grieve for.


But mostly I just wish for more time to read….

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