Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Book Review: Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman

 From the back cover:

“Camilla Fox is alive, having been rescued from a near-fatal snowstorm after leaving her home to escape the Mormon faith she no longer calls her own. Now, as she regains her strength under the personal care of United States Army Colonel Charles Brandon, thought of the two children she left behind flood her mind, threatening to break her heart.

Camilla is desperate to reunite with her daughters and does not want them to grow up under Mormon teachings, but she cannot provide a home for them on her own, and she will not share her husband with a sister wife. As Spring arrives, Camilla returns to Salt Lake City ready to fight…and she won’t back down until she’s brought her children safely to the other side.”

This book is the second in the Sister Wife Series by Allison Pittman. I hadn’t read the first one, For Time and Eternity, before I received this book for review, but it’s on my “to be read” pile now!

Allison Pittman reveals the inner workings of the early days of the Mormon Church under the leadership of Brigham Young with a sympathetic eye that shows the reader the difficulties followers of a false prophet encounter. Her heroine, Camilla, is torn between two worlds – the world of the Latter-Day Saints where her husband and children reside, and the irresistible pull of the God of the Bible. Even though Camilla made a heartbreaking choice when she fled her home, leaving her children behind, we continue to cheer her on as she fights to regain her children.

This seemingly straightforward story is interwoven with complex and sometimes conflicting emotions as Camilla struggles to find her way. Mrs. Pittman navigates this complexity with an ease that brings the reader along effortlessly. Her descriptions are part of what helps us navigate – her details in a variety of settings in this historical novel provide a solid background that places the reader in the middle of the action.

For the reader’s greater enjoyment, pick up the first novel in the series before reading this one – but be sure to come back!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for my impartial review.

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