Friday, July 2, 2010

Book Review: Rachel's Garden by Marta Perry

What a refreshing look at Amish Life! Marta Perry takes us into a world that she obviously loves and respects in her second “Pleasant Valley” novel.

In Rachel’s Garden we learn to know Rachel, who was introduced to us in the first book of this series, Leah’s Choice. In the time between the two books, Rachel’s husband has been killed in a tragic accident, and the Amish community in Pleasant Valley comes to her support. Even with the help of her family and church, Rachel’s winter has been long and dark, but with spring comes a glimmer of hope and the comfort of her beloved plants and garden.

But will Rachel be able to support herself and her three children? Will she be forced to sell the dairy farm that was Ezra’s dream for his children? And in the midst of her struggles, her husband’s best friend Gideon insists on building a greenhouse for her – Ezra’s last gift to her, planned long before his death. Will Rachel ever be able to forgive Gideon for surviving the accident that claimed her husband’s life?

This is a sweet story of forgiveness and love in the aftermath of a great loss. Don’t miss this series! Book Three was published in June 2010 – Anna’s Return.

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