Thursday, March 15, 2012

Progress! Slow, but steady...

Last week I wrote "The End" on Love Believes All Things!

But if you look at my progress meter, I'm not quite to the end of the book, am I?

Okay, okay, you caught me. I wrote "the end" on the first draft. I took my characters from the beginning to the end of the book - no, I'm not going to tell you what happens yet - but I still have a lot of filling in to do to round out Ruthy and Levi's story.

I need to develop the secondary characters...

My heroine needs a mentor. She really does. Someone who can point out just how hard her poor broken heart has become.

And if her heart can't soften - if she can't forgive the ones who have treated her so badly - how can she open it up to love our hero?

Another secondary character I need is a friend for my hero. He's such a nice guy, but almost too nice. He needs someone who will challenge him to act when he needs to act.

So now that I'm working on all this stuff, the word count will be increasing more slowly...but it will increase.

Stay tuned!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Speedbo 2012 is up and running!

Have you heard about Speedbo yet? No?

If you have ever thought maybe, just maybe, you'd like to get that story out of your head and onto paper (or into the computer) someday, here's your chance.

Speedbo (aka "Speed Book") participants set a goal and write.

All through March we're writing.

Your goal might be 50 words a day or 1000 words a day. Maybe your life is frantically busy and you only have one day a week - that's fine.

Set a goal. Plan to meet your goal.

Make your goal...


And then head over to to join in the fun. Sign up and you'll be eligible for prize drawings, and hang around all month for the great tips and encouragement from the Seekerville community.

What have you got to lose? You have ZERO words now, right? Any progress from here on is a start on your story!

* * * * * * *

Of course, now you want to hear about my own Speedbo goals and progress, right?

My word count goal for the month was 55,000 words.


I wanted to push myself, stretch myself...and finish my WIP.

And I made this goal before we planned an out-of-state trip during the last week of March.

So how am I doing?

Well, since March 1st I've added 14,254 words to my WIP, so I have just over 40,000 words to go!

I need to be SMART though, right?

I write 5 days a week, and on that schedule I only have 10 more days to write before we leave town.

I normally write 2500 words a day. 

Do the math. 

I can either push myself to write the 2500 words a day while we're traveling, or I can change my goal, or I can try to increase my daily word count.

Or I can do all three.

I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, you can watch the progress of "Love Believes All Things" on the nifty word counter on your right (I started the month with 30,000 words already written).

And no, I don't really look like a prune. Or a grape. Or a California Raisin.

(Now that song is stuck in your head, isn't it?)
(And if it isn't, then enjoy your youth!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review: Along Wooded Paths by Tricia Goyer

Along Wooded Paths continues the story of Marianna Sommer and her family after their relocation to the Amish community near Kalispell, Montana.

Marianna has delayed her return to Indiana, reluctant to leave her family, the Montana community and the closer relationship with God she has found there. Another factor is her friendship with the Englishcher, Ben. She knows her friendship with him is endangering her heart, but how can she turn her back on such a good friend who introduced her to God?

Meanwhile, Aaron Zook has tired of waiting for Marianna to return to Indiana and become his wife. The cabin he has built for the two of them is completed and waiting for her and he wonders why she has delayed returning home, but he only knows that she has decided to stay in Montana longer. He makes the trip to visit her, and after being injured in an accident on the trip, stays with the Sommer family during his recovery.

We see Marianna’s attraction to Ben, which blossomed and grew during the first book in this series, reach a turning point as Marianna considers the changes loving an Englischman would make in her life. At the same time, Aaron’s constant, familiar presence reminds her of the dreams she had before she met Ben. Which direction will her heart lead her?

This is the second book in Tricia Goyer’s “Big Sky Novels”.  I’ve enjoyed both books offered so far, and am waiting anxiously for the third book, Beyond Hope’s Valley, coming out in April 2012.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for my review.

Monday, March 5, 2012

What are you - plotter or pantster?

There’s always a lot of talk between pantsters (seat of the pants writers) and plotters (those who LOVE outlines) about which is better.

Some writers are more creative when they have a plan laid out of where they’re going. The scenes are lined up, the chapters headed, and all they need to do is add description and dialogue. The goal looms ahead, they're on the right track, no deviations, just the story they planned to write.

Other writers do better if they let their characters take the reins and write the story themselves. Who knows where they'll end up, and who cares! The discovery is in the journey!

The more I write, the more I find I’m somewhere in between.

I can’t start a story unless I have a road map...but at the same time, once they’re on the road, my characters will surprise me with their own twists.

In the middle of a scene one of my characters will do something and I’ll say

Where did that come from? I didn’t know she was thinking that!


       * poof  *

there’s a sub-plot...
                  ...or twist...
                            ...or even a new secondary character writing itself for me.

Usually, I can head back to the road...

...but not until after an exciting shortcut to mushrooms.

So tell us, are you a pantster, plotter, or somewhere in between?